Youths facing robbery charges urged to make sensible decisions

A judge has urged three youths facing robbery charges to think carefully about how they will respond to their situation.

A 16-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy appeared in the Youth Court in front of Judge Gerard Lynch in Palmerston North on Wednesday in relation to an aggravated robbery at Liquorland in College St. 

Some other alleged offenders could elect trial by jury in the District Court, and this could have implications for the youths, the judge said. 

Lynch said he had asked police to disclose all their information to defence lawyers faster than they usually would, so the youths and their families had time to make “sensible decisions”.

The 15-year-old indicated he would admit the charge. 

Lynch said this boy was going downhill, but the situation was recoverable.

“You’re still a young man. You’re 15 years old. You’re not a lost cause.” 

The youths were remanded on bail until April and May, respectively.

Another 16-year-old also appeared in the Youth Court, charged with the armed robbery of a Caltex service station in Dannevirke. 

Defence lawyer Tony Thackery said the youth admitted he was involved in the robbery but wasn’t happy with the wording of the charge. 

The youth would appear in court again in April. 


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