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Your rental property horror stories

Rental homes are twice as likely to have poorly-maintained features than owner-occupied ones, according to a new survey. 

Some Kiwi landlords are doing their best to keep their properties liveable. Kathryn Seque, the current Property Investors’ Federation landlord of the year, says, “If I wouldn’t live in it, I won’t rent it”.

But not all landlords operate this way. One Tokoroa couple felt the health of their baby was being put at risk by their mouldy rental.

We want to hear your worst rental property horror stories. Are your lips and fingers going blue? Do you wear puffer jackets to bed? Are your landlords or flatmates unreasonable? We want to hear it.

Was it character building, or do you wish you had forked out a bit more and spent those years in a nicer place?

Let us know how bad it was, and send us pictures to prove it.

Hit the button below to make our blood run cold with your rental property horror stories. As always, we are looking for contributions of 250 words or more. 

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