1493354928319 - Window washers attack man with copper pipe after snatching sunglasses in Auckland

Window washers attack man with copper pipe after snatching sunglasses in Auckland

A man has been left with facial wounds after being attacked by window washers at a busy Auckland intersection.

Luke White was walking to a bus stop on Sunday afternoon when a window washer “snatched” his expensive sunglasses from his face at the intersection of Penrose Rd and Mt Wellington Highway. 

“I went and got them back off one of them and it all started from there,” White said.

He said he was beaten in the face with a copper pipe.

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“I had to go through some bushes and they all jumped on me then we fell onto the road.”

He said there were seven attackers who fled the scene shortly before he sought refuge at a nearby restaurant while he waited for police and an ambulance to turn up.

He was taken to Auckland City Hospital with two large cuts to his brow and nose requiring stiches. 

White’s mum, Chris White said window washers were a big problem in the community and the knock to his face could have killed her son because the 30-year-old had suffered a brain injury from a motocross accident when he was younger.

“A knock to the face could actually kill him, he had a broken femur and can’t run because he’s got pins in his body,” she said.

She said her son was a peacemaker.

“He would rather talk than fight, but you can’t talk those people around.”

White said he also had his phone snatched from him by a window washer in an earlier encounter.

Inspector Andy King said police searched the area for the offenders but were unable to locate them. 

“A number of enquiries were made with multiple shops in the area, about whether anyone had seen what occurred or had any CCTV footage available,” King said. 

King said officers followed up with the victim and carried out further enquiries. 

“The victim returned to the scene and provided police with a piece of copper pipe that he had found. This pipe will be assessed for forensic evidence.”

In April a bill was submitted to Parliament by National MP Jami-Lee Ross proposing windscreen washing at intersections be made illegal, giving police the power to issue washers with $150 instant fines. 

The bill passed its first reading by 93 votes to 28 and would amend the Land Transport Act, making it an offence to wash vehicles in a manner that may be unsafe or cause nuisance to a person. 

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Mt Wellington Police on 09 302 6400.

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