1493185340967 - Wellington musician’s van stolen two times in four days

Wellington musician’s van stolen two times in four days

The odds of having your vehicle stolen twice in the space of four days are pretty slim, but that’s exactly what happened to Helena Faust.

About 6am on Thursday, she was half asleep at her home in the Wellington suburb of Aro Valley when she heard what sounded like someone tinkering outside her bedroom window with her 1987 Mitsubishi L300 – dubbed the Pearly Snap.

She dozed off again before hearing the van’s notoriously hairtrigger horn sounding, at which point she knew it was being stolen.

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After reporting the theft to police Faust posted details of the theft on Facebook and was alerted by a woman who had spotted it in nearby Holloway Rd.

Faust suspected the thieves may have been using the out-of-the-way spot to hide the vehicle.

She retrieved the van and went about her day, parking it up again in its usual spot. Then, on Easter Sunday, it was stolen again.

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