1491989319318 - Two new cases of typhoid in Auckland outbreak

Two new cases of typhoid in Auckland outbreak

There are now 20 confirmed cases of typhoid in the Auckland outbreak of the disease, which has killed one person.

On Wednesday evening Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) said ongoing testing had identified two more people infected.

It was “probable” another person also had the infectious disease.

The two newly confirmed cases weren’t displaying typhoid symptoms, which can include fever, muscle aches, stomach pain and diarrhoea or constipation, the ARPHS said.  

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Vague symptoms widely seen across a range of common illnesses can cause confusion and mean typhoid can be hard to spot and take some time diagnosing.

Typhoid carriers can “shed” the bacterial disease for weeks after contracting it unwittingly exposing others to infection.

The disease spreads person-to-person usually through poor toilet hygiene, baby changing, and food handling habits.

On March 28, an as yet unnamed elderly Mt Roskill woman from a central Auckland Pacific Island church community died in Auckland Hospital from typhoid prompting a public and political backlash.

Health authorities didn’t notify the woman’s family and the public of her death from the communicable disease until a week later through a media release.

Family and friends of the woman had came into physical contact with the un-quarantined woman – another 10 people from her congregation contracted typhoid and were also hospitalised.

At the time Auckland Regional Public Health Service clinical director Dr Julia Peters said the service delayed announcing her death to enable funeral arrangements to be concluded per the family’s wishes.

The ARPHS recommends anyone showing typhoid symptoms should see their doctor or an after-hours clinic, or contact Healthline on 0800 611 116.

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