1493776429999 - Thieves rob Tauranga video store with machetes

Thieves rob Tauranga video store with machetes

The owner of a Tauranga video store that was robbed by machete wielding crims say it was a risky crime, for small gain.

United Video store owner Mike Shepherd said the two men entered the Fraser St store demanding cash around 7.40pm on Tuesday.

“They’ve come in armed with a machete, very determined,” he said. 

“They went straight through the doors and to the back counter. I don’t know how much money they have taken at this stage.”

Shepherd said the crime was a big risk for what he expects was a small gain.

“Most of our turnover these days is all in eftpos transactions,” he said. 

“There are no cigarettes to steal and nothing else was even touched. It was also on a Tuesday night so we were not that busy.

“The worst thing is they have terrorised a staff member for next to nothing.”

Shepherd said the counter was being attended by a female employee when the robbery occurred.

“She’s a bit shaken up,” he said. 

“She is not hurt and she did the right thing during the robbery but she was facing a big machete.”

The United Video has been in business for 13 years and Shepherd said this was the first time they had ever had an armed robbery of the store. 

He wanted to thank the neighbours and the community who sent him messages of support to pass on to his staff member hours after the incident occurred. 

Tauranga Police are investigating incident. They are reviewing CCTV footage and conducting interviews in connection to the case.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.

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