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Technology industry growth promises jobs but new talent is lacking

A boom in technology companies in New Zealand has caused a talent shortage for the industry, The Icehouse boss Andy Hamilton says.

Hamilton, who heads the Auckland-based business hub, said the rapid growth of Xero, Vend and Orion Health has added to the shortage of technology workers. 

“We need more Xero’s, but the outcome of more Xero’s will be massive constraint on access to talent,” Hamilton said.

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Hamilton said about 3000 technology jobs were unfilled at the moment due to a lack of qualified recruits. 

The number of technology jobs listed on Trade Me Jobs fell 13.7 per cent in the first three months of this year, compared to the same time last year.

Technology was still the most lucrative career, accounting for the top five salary spots. IT architects topped the average salary list at $144,563 a year.

The Icehouse provides an investment vehicle and shared workspace for start-up businesses.

It has set a goal to create 42,000 new jobs in New Zealand by 2026 by helping businesses to grow. 

Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Paul Goldsmith said attracting strong talent to New Zealand’s third largest exporter, technology, was a priority for the Government. 

“We know we are competing in a highly competitive global market, with high demand for skilled and experienced tech workers,” Goldsmith said.

Hamilton said immigration and improved training for people over 20 years old would help meet the staffing shortfall.

He said New Zealand needed more creative ways to inspire young people to work in the technology industry.

Goldsmith said the FutureInTech and TechHub programmes in schools were helping to encourage school students to consider a career in technology.

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