1492752287174 - Technical issue sees credit cards ‘swallowed’

Technical issue sees credit cards ‘swallowed’

ANZ customers who tried to use their credit cards in ATMs had a nasty shock on Thursday night and Friday morning.

The bank said, due to a technical issue, a small number of cards were “retained” by ATM machines when people tried to use them.

It is believed that customers were unable to get money from their credit cards by going into a branch, either. 

They could still make purchases on their cards and could move cash around via phone or internet banking.

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One customer said he had been told it was because the cards had been mistakenly cancelled. New cards were being sent out.

A spokesman said the issue was fixed on Friday.

“We have been contacting all affected customers and are making sure they can access their funds. If any customers have had their ANZ credit card retained and need to access funds, we’d ask them to contact us.

“We’re reviewing what happened and making changes to reduce the chance of it happening again. We’d like to thank affected customers for their patience and apologise for the inconvenience.”


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