1492634160378 - Taupo grandma appalled by drunken attack

Taupo grandma appalled by drunken attack

A grandmother was left bloodied and bruised after being attacked in broad daylight by a drunk teen.

Rosalie Davidson and her 10-year-old grandson were on Rifle Range Road in Taupo when she came upon two young women, who Davidson described as being obviously intoxicated.

“One was yelling abuse at passing cars and the other was vomiting in a bush,” Davidson said.

While walking between the pair, Davidson gave a passing comment to the one who was sick.

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“I told her she should move out of the sun because that’s what would be making her sick,” she said.

“The other girl must of took offence to it.”

What followed was Davidson and her grandson being followed across the road before being confronted by the intoxicated teen.

“She told me to remove my sunglasses. I refused,” Davidson said.

“She ripped them off me and then attacked me.”

Davidson was left bloodied and bruised but during the ordeal all she worried about was her grandson.

The attack was over quickly but Davidson was still concerned at the lack of response from other people passing by. 

“It all happened so quickly but no-one stopped or offered to help,” she said.

“One man had pulled over but I had to go over to him and ask him to phone the police.”

Davidson wanted to speak out about what happened to her to highlight the “spirit” in the Taupo community and how what happened to her could happen to anyone.

“I really felt I needed to speak up. It happened in the middle of the day and in a public place,” she said.

“What if it had happened to a little kid?”

The woman who attacked Davidson, Emily Knight pleaded guilty when she appeared in the Taupo District Court last Thursday.

The 18-year-old appeared on three charges arising from the March 25 incident, including assault and theft of a bicycle. 

Her lawyer, Steven Clarkson, said the incident stemmed from significant alcohol and drug consumption and that Knight was most distressed that in the state she was in she could have done such things.

Judge Cooper said her actions were disgusting, especially in front of Davidson’s grandson.

Knight was remanded until June 8 for sentence so that restorative justice processes could take place, which could include a meeting between her and Davidson.

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