1493772835487 - Suspicious fires at Auckland’s Piha a ‘senseless act of vandalism’

Suspicious fires at Auckland’s Piha a ‘senseless act of vandalism’

An arsonist is believed to be behind a spate of suspicious fires at Piha in West Auckland.

Several small scrub fires were found blazing around the west coast beach’s walkways on Monday and Tuesday night, leading into the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

Detective Sergeant Ashley Matthews said police believed the fires were deliberately lit.

They were found one to two hours either side of midnight on both occasions.

Fire crews and police were called to blazes on the Tasman View Track at Piha on Monday, and on the Marawhara Walk Track at North Piha on Tuesday. 

Fire crews also noticed fires at two spots on Lion Rock and one at an embankment at Beach Valley Rd on Tuesday. 

Police said they were all likely related incidents.

“These fires are a destructive and senseless act of vandalism and Police will work to hold to account whoever is responsible. 

“We are conducting scene examinations with the assistance of fire crews and are making further enquiries today,” Matthews said.

Anyone with information about the fires was asked to call Detective Sergeant Mike Clubb on 09 837 9511.

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