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Subarus the average Kiwi car thief’s preferred choice

What do Waitemata, Canterbury and the Waikato have in common? 

Mazdas are the most stolen vehicle in those regions so far this year. 

In Canterbury, it’s the humble Demio pinched most often, while in Waitemata and Waikato the Familia is the preferred choice. 

They buck the national trend though, with Subaru proving thieves’ top choice across the bulk of the country. 

* Canterbury’s (and possibly New Zealand’s) most stolen car
* Police apathy over stolen cars ‘just the tip of the iceberg’
* Usual suspects top most stolen car list

Subies top 2017’s most stolen figures, based on police operational data, in Northland, Auckland, Counties Manukau, Bay of Plenty, Eastern, Central, Wellington and Tasman. 

Criminals find little reason to discriminate between the Legacy and Impreza models, which are taken in similar numbers. 

Southland thieves have unique taste, with Holdens stolen in the greatest numbers there. 

Police prevention manager superintendent Eric Tibbott​ said it was worth noting the cars listed were all common.

It could therefore be expected the frequency of theft would be higher for those models. 

The findings differ slightly from previous years. AA insurance has historically run an annual list of New Zealand’s 10 most stolen cars, based on insurance data. 

The list took a break for 2016, but the year before it found the Honda Torneo (Accord) to be the most stolen car for 2015. The Familia came in second, followed by the Impreza in third. 

It found thieves tended to go for older cars, with 92 per cent of theft claims for that year made on cars manufactured more than a decade earlier. 

Tibbott said car owners could help themselves by locking their cars and taking their keys with them. 

“People, if they can, should try and thwart thieves by protecting their vehicles with anti-theft devices, and / or by parking cars in garages or carports. It’s also wise to install alarms and try and keep valuables out of vehicles if at all possible.”

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