1493335834862 - Stepdad told police he had hit his stepdaughter’s rapist 8 or 9 times

Stepdad told police he had hit his stepdaughter’s rapist 8 or 9 times

The stepfather accused of assaulting his stepdaughter’s rapist told police he had not hit him enough.

The man had seen Jason Haward on the side of the road two days after his 15-year-old stepdaughter had been raped.

He had got out of his car and began punching Haward in the face.

Haward was found guilty of rape by a Wellington District Court jury and last week was jailed for seven years and six months.

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The man has pleaded not guilty to injuring Haward with intent to injure him.

He can not be identified to protect his stepdaughter’s identity.

Constable Benjamin Reed had been called to the scene on April 23 last year and had taken the man back to the Kapiti police station.  He asked him what he had done.

He told the jury that the man said he had hit Haward eight or nine times.

“He said it wasn’t enough,” Reed said.

The man also said he tried to kick the man in the balls and had done it because the man had raped his stepdaughter.

John Batty helped separate the two men and noticed Haward had a black eye and was bleeding from his lip.

He said the man who was the aggressor kept saying a tirade of words including “it was you, you raped her, I’m going to get you”.

Haward was denying the accusations and Batty said he was saying something like “it wasn’t me, you don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve got a family I wouldn’t do anything like that.”

Defence lawyer Peter Foster had told the jury that his client was upset at what he perceived to be a lack of police progress on his stepdaughter’s case and had wanted to restrain Haward.

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