1491955635610 - Shed 35 coming down soon, as CentrePort develops plans to knock down other buildings

Shed 35 coming down soon, as CentrePort develops plans to knock down other buildings

A century-old heritage listed cargo store, which was set to become a seven-day market, is to be knocked down by the end of April.

CentrePort, owners of Wellington’s port facilities, said contractors would begin the final stages of dismantling Shed 35, a process expected to take two weeks.

The process started in January but was delayed by weather and “logistics”, CentrePort said.

Shed 35 was built in 1915 and is listed as a heritage building. In 2012 CentrePort said it wanted to strengthen the building and convert it into a market, complete with a gastro pub.

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However the building, already declared earthquake prone, was badly damaged in the November’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

“We spoke to key stakeholders such as Heritage New Zealand and Wellington City Council about the fate of the building and decided it needed to come down for safety reasons,” CentrePort property general manager Nick Wareham said.

Removal of the building would enable CentrePort to fulfil its Wellington Lifelines Group duties, such as providing alternative transport links in the event of a natural disaster, Wareham said.

In December, CentrePort conducted urgent works to contain asbestos panels on the roof.

Removal of asbestos would be conducted under a WorkSafe-approved management plan, the company said. A 60-tonne excavator will be used to demolish the building, which should take about two weeks.

CentrePort said it was also working on plans to demolish several other buildings, including the former NZ Rugby Union building, Shed 29, the G&A and the MSC buildings, “which were all assessed as earthquake-prone before the 14 November quake”.

Meanwhile CentrePort said it would make a decision on the future of its newer commercial buildings, including Statistics House “once engineers and insurers have completed their deliberations”.

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