1493515274144 - Secrity guard tackles crowbar-armed burglar

Secrity guard tackles crowbar-armed burglar

A rugby league-loving security guard made the perfect tackle in Warkworth when he dropped a burglar armed with a crowbar.

The alleged thief was caught red handed stealing donated electrical goods from the Warkworth Hospice shop.

Selling donated goods and furniture at a weekly garage sale on their Woodcocks Rd property in Warkworth, the hospice had been broken into at night several times over the last few months. 

While a security camera operates in the goods area it was being covered up during the break-ins.

Eventually head of InSite Security Chris Martin came on board and set up a silent alarm for the charity.

When that went off around 4am on April 28 Martin and two of his Warkworth security guards headed for the hospice.

A box of electrical gear including a drill was already outside on the ground when they arrived.

“He must have heard us outside as he came racing out.” Martin said.

” Dressed all in black, wearing a black balaclava and armed with a crowbar he was a rather daunting sight.”

But not to Martin’s colleague, who put his league skills to good use, deftly tackling the thief to the ground. 

“The equipment would have been sold on for money. Stealing from hospice is pretty low,” Martin said

Warkworth police have arrested a 33-year-old Snells Beach man and charged him with burglary.

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