1492994897162 - Second ram-raider admits Christchurch sports shop burglary

Second ram-raider admits Christchurch sports shop burglary

A second man has admitted a slick ram raid at a Christchurch sports store in which $50,000 of merchandise was snatched and $15,000 worth of damage was done.

Three offenders were in and out of Anderson and Hill sports store within three minutes, police said.

Joseph Senior, 27, pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court on Monday to the burglary.

A car had been driven through the glass frontage of the Barrington Mall store about 2.50am on October 14, damaging the large glass sliding doors. A second car, driven by Senior, was parked close to the front of the store.

Three men got out and gathered up clothing, shoes, and accessories from open displays in the store and loaded it into the two cars – a process that took only three minutes – before both cars were driven away.

The stolen property has not been found. Senior was stopped and arrested while driving a different vehicle about two weeks later.

Senior also admitted charges of receiving stolen property, stealing items including a laptop and radar detector from cars, dishonestly using a company’s order book which he had been given by an unknown person, and unlawfully taking a $25,000 car.

Judge Alistair Garland remanded him in custody for sentencing on June 30. Home detention has been ruled out.

A second offender, 30-year-old Matt Dylan Sinclair, admitted the burglary charge as well as two charges of receiving stolen property, at a court hearing last month and was remanded in custody for sentencing alongside Senior.

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