1493764203828 - Queenstown man loses hundreds trying to buy iPhone over Facebook

Queenstown man loses hundreds trying to buy iPhone over Facebook

A Queenstown man is $300 poorer after attempting to buy an iPhone over Facebook.

Senior Sergeant Paula Enoka said the man made a deposit of $300 into the account of a person selling an iPhone 7 via Facebook page Queenstown Trading last week.

Since then he had not been able to make contact with the seller and had not received the phone, she said.

The Queenstown resident reported the incident to police on Tuesday.

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“The seller isn’t replying to any messages,” Enoka said.

“They are not getting any response now which makes us think it’s [intentional].

“All we have is a Facebook name [but] we’re following it up.”

The full purchase price listed for the phone was $700.

Administrators of the Queenstown Trading page would be contacted, she said.

Enoka warned people to be careful when purchasing products through social media and suggested using more legitimate websites.

“Sites like TradeMe, there is a little bit more monitoring of those sites that can then be released to police.”

Reports of this nature were not a common occurrence to Queenstown police, she said.


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