1492487803229 - Prisoner considered a ‘high-risk sexual offender’ will be released in October

Prisoner considered a ‘high-risk sexual offender’ will be released in October

A sex offender who underwent psychological treatment “on the basis that he hypothetically offended” is to be freed from jail later this year, despite still being regarded as a “high-risk” offender.

Napier man Richard Miller, 55, has never admitted his offending, and has told the Parole Board he believed there had been collusion between his victims, their families and police.

The mother of the youngest victim, who was just 6, said she feared for herself and her child when he is freed in October.

By then, Miller will have served his full sentence of nearly 10 years in jail, after being convicted in late 2008 of 11 charges, including three for rape, four for unlawful sexual connection, and three of indecent assault.

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His victims were four girls aged between 6 and 16, with the offending occurring between 1990 and 2008.

Miller, who had been eligible for parole since early 2011, did not appear for his latest parole hearing on April 4. He had told the board he would rather complete his full sentence, and would not comply with any board requirements.

The board noted Miller had attended 14 sessions of one-to-one psychological treatments, “on the basis that he hypothetically offended”.

“This seems to be a curious position,” the board stated in its report.

It said the opinion of psychologists “is to the effect that he is a high-risk sexual offender”, and the board said he remained an undue risk to the safety of the community.

Miller will be seen again in September in order for final release conditions to be fixed.

Miller was found guilty of committing an indecent act on the 6-year-old in a car at Nelson Park, Napier, in September 19, 2008.

He and the girl were seen in the car by a volunteer community patroller, who followed it back to the girl’s house.

Unemployed Miller, who frequently took the girl to and from school, was charged with committing an indecent act, and an alternate charge of attempted rape.

The nature of the allegations triggered police to reopen claims of sexual abuse made against Miller in 1990 by a girl then aged 10. Miller was her babysitter.

She made allegations at the time, and again in 2001. In both instances there was deemed to be insufficient evidence.

Similarities with the 2008 case meant charges were combined, and Miller was found guilty of five charges in relation to the 1990 case. He was sentenced to six years and six months in jail.

At his sentencing, Justice Forrest Miller told him he was “a man who cultivates relationships with adults, and displays a close interest in their children, sitting them on your lap and hugging them and touching them”.

The judge added three extra months to the sentence after Miller simulated firing a pistol from the dock toward his victims’ families. He did this after they welcomed the verdicts.

Miller was also convicted of two representative charges of indecently assaulting two girls, aged 15 and 16, between February 2006 and February 2007. For this he was sentenced to a further three years’ jail.

The mother of the youngest victim said she was certain Miller would reoffend.

“I’m worried that, if he comes back here, my daughter may run into him and remember what happened.

“She’s doing really well now at school and sports. She’s an awesome young woman, and I don’t want her to be reminded of what happened back then.

“He’s going to reoffend. He’s spent all this time denying it and showing no remorse.

“And it’s a real concern that he made that gun gesture in court. That’s a big worry.

“People need to be aware of this guy. He’s a very convincing manipulator, who believes his own lies. He’s very dangerous.”