1493246134174 - Police warn of suspicious door knockers pedalling tickets for school trip in Hamilton

Police warn of suspicious door knockers pedalling tickets for school trip in Hamilton

Door-to-door raffle ticket sellers may not be who you think they are. 

Hamilton police have received reports of a suspicious group of people going door to door in the Chartwell, Queenwood, Rototuna and northern suburb areas. 

The opportunists allegedly approach residences under the ruse of selling raffle tickets for a local school trip to Kelly Tarltons. 

They then jot down the resident’s details in notebooks and take the money while scoping out properties, Waikato police school community officer Constable Peter van’t Wout said.

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On one occasion the tricksters were observed in someone’s garage, he said. 

“Police have followed up with local schools and been advised that there are currently no existing raffle fundraisers for trips away.

“Police have been made aware of further incidents, which have not been reported.”

In one case a resident in Huntington reported hearing a knock on the door about 6.30 one night but didn’t answer. He then looked out the window to next door where he heard a group offering tickets to Kelly Tarltons, and a chance to win cash. 

He described the door knockers as two young men in their late teens or early 20s about 5’10 and wearing school type backpacks, dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

Other residents have reported young girls approaching residences. 

Police are now seeking the public’s help to identify and locate these door knockers, van’t Wout said. 

“If these people approach your home, we ask you to politely decline; obtain a good description, (possibly even a photo) and immediately phone 111 so we can catch these opportunist fraudsters.”

“If you have been approached by these people and can give a good description, we ask that you phone the nearest station and get put through to CRL who will take your report.”

Police are urging residents to be vigilant and watch out for neighbours. 

“If something seems out of place it probably is so call 111 immediately.”

Alternatively call Hamilton police on 07 858 6200. 

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