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Pet food processor ready for purchase

The home of the Upper North Island’s biggest pet food processing plants is for sale in a “dormant state”.

“You could say the building has good bones,” agent Josh Smith said.

It was built in 1992 with steel framed portals and lined with freezer paneling. 

The 1150 square metre pet food rendering facility in Paeora comes with the sorting and freezing line equipment ready to be recommissioned into a fully functioning plant.

The 9800sqm industrial-zoned site was previously occupied by pet food ingredient processor Hauraki Cool Stores which sorted and froze bulk quantities of meat products for supply to pet food manufacturers, employing 10 staff in the process.

Hauraki Cool Stores stopped trading in 2013, and the plant was decommissioned soon after. 

Now the Grey Street land, buildings and equipment are being marketed for sale at auction on April 27 by Bayleys Hamilton.

Smith said the business was a virtual turn key operation waiting to be re-invigorated.

“For any potential purchaser looking for a purpose-built food processing plant, the value of this premises is in its infrastructure and plant,” he said.

“The main building comprises a large open plan factory floor with drive-through access via high stud electric roller doors at either end of the plant. Decommissioned equipment on the processing floor includes a hydraulic sorting belt, offal cutter and guillotine, bone breaker, industrial grade mincer, storage bin washer unit, wrapping unit, bulk weight platform scales, and printer.

“To one side of the floor are two 90 square metre blast freezers and holding chillers which have the ability to freeze product to minus 28 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile at the end of the building is a 198 square metre freezer capable of producing a holding temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius.

“All of the cool store units are supported by multiple 30 horse power motors and condensers which have the ability to work individually or combined.” 

The floor of the processing room is in-laid with drainage filtering into fat traps. Wall-mounted foam washers are fitted at either end of the factory floor, which is fully monitored by CCTV.

Processed meat product was then transported to pet food manufacturing plants at various North Island and overseas locations.

Smith said Paeroa’s strategic location placed it in the perfect position to receive unprocessed raw product and break it down into a state suitable for the next step in the production chain.

“When the plant ceased operation, the intention was to set it aside in a dormant state until new markets could be found for its pet food product. However, the vendor now realises that the time has come to sell up to a food processor or manufacturer who can identify and access such markets, or can add a Waikato/Bay of Plenty division to their existing business,” he said.

“Alternatively, the site would be suitable for a food manufacturer looking at other primary produce lines – such as processed pork, venison, or goat smallgoods for human consumption.”

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