1492734849522 - Paraparaumu beach rapist jailed for seven years and six months

Paraparaumu beach rapist jailed for seven years and six months

A Paraparaumu man who took a teenage girl into bushes at the beach to rape her has been jailed for seven years and six months.

The traumatised girl ran home naked to get away from him, but was so embarrassed she tried to hide outside behind cars while calling out to her family for help.

Wellington District Court judge Charles Blackie jailed Jason Haward, 48, and told him he would now automatically be on the register of sex offenders.

Haward had been drinking while visiting someone at Paraparaumu beach on April 21 last year. He walked to nearby shops to get more alcohol.

* Naked teenager ran off with wallet

* Guilty of beach rape
* Naked girl flees rapist

The 15-year-old girl was also at the shops. She wanted money to catch a bus to a friend’s house and called out to Haward across the road asking him for a couple of dollars.

When she crossed over to him Haward took her down a beach accessway to a bush area and raped her.

The judge said the girl then grabbed her dress and ran.

Haward followed her and was involved in an incident with a member of the girl’s family that left him injured.

The judge said the girl had not been able to finish school and felt ashamed and embarrassed. She had suffered some injuries during the attack.

He said he could not detect any remorse from Haward.

Haward had said that the sexual activity was consensual and the girl had wanted money for sex. When she did not get what she wanted she took his wallet and he had chased her, he said.

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