1493152595813 - One dead, one hospitalised, one arrested in shooting incident in Invercargill

One dead, one hospitalised, one arrested in shooting incident in Invercargill

A woman has died and another person seriously wounded following a shooting in Invercargill on Tuesday night.

The shooting happened shortly after 8pm on Anzac Day on Otepuni Ave in an industrial area in the suburb on Newfield, east of the city centre. The road remained closed, with a cordon in place between Lindisfarne St and Inglewood Rd and security guards parked outside a property there.

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One person was in custody being questioned by police, with officers saying they weren’t looking for anyone else.

Fencing Around owner Phil Brock, who owned the property where the shooting took place, said the victims were living in a house he owned.

Brock knew the occupants but said he was not in a position to say anything as he was assisting police with their investigation. 


Earlier a resident, Terry Brown, said he saw a man who seemed to be “up to no good”.

Brown saw the man, who he believed to be in his 20s, from his window. The man was on a bicycle.

“I set eyes on him and got suspicious of him.” 

Brown said the man stopped his bicycle near the train tracks on Lindisfarne St and changed clothes. 

“He took his jacket off and then put another one on,” he said. 

“Then biked down Otepuni Avenue.” 

Brown said the clothes he wore were dark brown, or black. 

“I was so sure that he was up to no good.”


Another witness believed the shooting happened at a commercial property.

Police were seen searching nearby properties and vehicles.  

A woman from Wellington said her mother lived on a street near the incident, and was called by a friend, who lived on Otepuni Ave, “to tell her to lock doors”.

Earlier, a witness saw an ambulance rushing to the area. 

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