1492170209685 - NZ Police responds to message mishap with a humorous public safety message

NZ Police responds to message mishap with a humorous public safety message

A humorous message seemingly sent to NZ Police by mistake has prompted a fittingly funny response from the force.

The private message, which asked “Oi bro when are we gonna get blazed with all your weed”, was sent to the New Zealand Police Facebook page earlier this week.

After receiving an automated reply, the sender realised their mistake, messaging the page again with “whoops wrong person”.

The police social media team saw the funny side of the mistaken message, seeing it as an opportunity to get out an important Easter safety message 

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A screenshot of the message was posted to Facebook on Good Friday along with three lighthearted safety-focused hashtags urging people to watch their speed over the long weekend and avoid checking social media while driving.

Whether the message was intentionally sent to police as a joke or not, it quickly attracted attention on social media with more than a thousand likes within a few hours of being posted.

Most commenters praised police for their humorous take on the unusual situation.

Michael Page said he thought the post was “great” and “showed the police to be more personable, which is important”.

However others weren’t convinced that the message was sent by mistake and questioned the police’s decision to post it online.

“I think that might be a joke. I have to wonder, are you not concerned that you and the sender have the same level of maturity in regards to humour?” Sara Sergejew said.

“Why can’t the NZP focus and post important issues.”

However, a police spokeswoman defended the post, seeing it as a lighthearted way to remind motorists to watch their speed and minimise distractions over the Easter weekend.

“It’s just an opportunity to get a good message out there,” she said.

The hashtag-centric post hasn’t been the only Easter fun for police on social media with another post introducing Elliot, a ginger guinea pig, as the newest member of the Police Media Centre team.  

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