1491800306199 - Number of typhoid cases in Auckland unchanged for fourth consecutive day

Number of typhoid cases in Auckland unchanged for fourth consecutive day

The number of cases of typhoid in Auckland remains unchanged for the fourth consecutive day.

There are 18 confirmed cases, with one probable case and one further case under investigation connected with the outbreak.

Only one person remained in hospital on Monday, the rest had all since been discharged.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service said the lack of new cases suggested the outbreak may have plateaued.

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“All cases are connected to the same church group and those considered to be at highest risk of contracting typhoid are being closely monitored by ARPHS,” said a spokesperson.

“At the moment, there is no evidence of people from outside this group becoming infected.”

Typhoid has a typical incubation period of 8-14 days but incubation can last up to 80 days.

This means cases may emerge over the course of several weeks.

What is typhoid?

*An infectious bacterial fever. It is rare in New Zealand, with about 40 known cases a year. * Most New Zealand cases have been caught during travel overseas, especially in tropical countries.  * Typhoid symptoms include a high fever developing over several days, as well as headaches, general weakness and muscle aches. Stomach pain and constipation are also common but some people get diarrhoea. * Anyone with those symptoms should see their doctor or an after-hours clinic, or contact Healthline on 0800 611.

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