1492988585055 - No arrests for brutal attack after Christchurch music festival

No arrests for brutal attack after Christchurch music festival

A person who allegedly brutally attacked a woman leaving a Christchurch festival has not been charged.

Amelia Rayner, 29, was leaving Electric Avenue in Hagley Park about 11.15pm on February 25 when she and her boyfriend were attacked. 

Rayner was punched in the throat and left with a crushed trachea, leaving her in an induced coma until a metal plate was inserted to assist breathing.

On Monday, Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Worner​ confirmed no arrests had been made, but would not comment further.

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Last month, he said police had “spoken to the person who caused the injury” and inquiries were ongoing.

“Because of the nature of where the investigation is at the moment I can’t release any more information on that.”

The attack happened after three men approached Rayner and her boyfriend while they were crossing the Armagh St bridge and took her hat. 

“She went and grabbed it back and her boyfriend may have said something to the guys, but then that was that,” her mother Barbara Rayner previously said.

The couple continued along Park Tce before the three men returned with a fourth and assaulted Rayner’s boyfriend near the intersection of Salisbury St. Rayner stepped in and was injured in the altercation, her mother said.

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