1492249227467 - Mum fears burglar ate her placenta

Mum fears burglar ate her placenta

A mother fears a burglar has eaten her son’s placenta, after stealing it from her freezer, alongside frozen meat. 

Auckland mother Loralie Burns said she received the disturbing news from her former landlord on Saturday.

The 35-year-old recently moved houses within the West Auckland suburb of Sunnyvale, but her washing machine and fridge-freezer were still at the old property.

A thief ransacked the vacant house, rifling through kitchen cupboards and making off with the contents of the freezer: Some meat that was due to be thrown out, and a tupperware container holding something far more precious. 

“My mind’s still blown,” Burns said. “In the freezer was some meat that was supposed to go in the rubbish, and a plastic container that has my placenta in it.”

Burns kept the placenta after giving birth to her now-5-month-old son, Dante. She said it had huge sentimental value, and her family had planned to bury it somewhere significant. 

“We were going to bury it with my partner’s mum’s ashes, somewhere really special. We’re very much disturbed.

“I hope to God I get it back, and I hope no one eats it — that would torment me for a long time.”

She couldn’t recall whether her midwife had labelled the container.

Her message for the burglar was simple: “Please just drop it back, I don’t need to know who you are or why you did it, I just really want it back, no questions asked.”

But she believed the outlook wasn’t good.

“I presume the only reason they stole it would be to eat it.”

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