1524551090299 - Motorcycle crash caused by coroner’s drink-driving son

Motorcycle crash caused by coroner’s drink-driving son

A coroner’s son who was still over the limit after a night drinking injured two people by turning in front of the motorcycle they were on.

Floyd Klang na Nagara​, son of Coroner Carla na Nagara​, pleaded guilty in the Palmerston North District Court on Tuesday to two charges of causing injury while drink-driving.

According to court documents, Floyd na Nagara, 19, was driving a Toyota at 10am on March 18 in Palmerston North.

He pulled over on Te Awe Awe St to let a passenger out before attempting to do a U-turn.

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A motorcyclist with a passenger behind him was unable to avoid his car when it pulled out.

One person suffered compressed ribs, severe concussion and a badly grazed thigh, while the other fractured their left arm, broke bones in a wrist and hand, and spent three nights in hospital.

A breath test found Floyd na Nagara had 483 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal limit for someone under 20 is zero micrograms of alcohol, but 250mcg for others.

He told police he had been drinking the night before, but had his last drink somewhere near midnight.

Defence lawyer Steve Winter said Floyd na Nagara had interim name suppression until Tuesday’s court appearance, but did not look to renew it.

Judge Lance Rowe put the sentencing hearing off until June, saying restorative justice should be explored.

Restorative justice involves victims and offenders meeting, talking about what happened and finding how to make things right.

The judge also noted the reparation sought, for the cost of the motorcycle and tow fees, was $16,035.