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Moderation the key to Easter treats

It’s the time of chocolate abundance, and one nutritionist says go ahead and eat it – but not just because it’s there.

Nutrition coach Michelle Yandle says that you should make sure you actually want to eat it.

“You would be surprised how frequently we actually want these things when we actually ask ourselves if we do. A lot of people are doing it out of habit.” 

She also recommends buying less chocolate and spending a bit more to get a good quality treat.

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“I’m a big advocate of quality over quantity.” 

She also suggests looking online to find some homemade treats to try.

“There are plenty of chocolaty recipes that you can make or eat at home that are just as nice where I’m concerned.”

She suggests parents could get some plastic eggs with non-edible treats.

“Children don’t need five different chocolate Easter bunnies. Just let them pick one of their favourites.”

She also says dark chocolate is a healthier option, as it is high in antioxidants and lower on sugar.

She says it’s about balance. 

“Easter’s not every day. It’s once a year. Just enjoy them and get some vegetables in there.”

Health and peak performance advisor Laura Warren agrees.

“Every now and then is not an issue. It’s not what we do once in a while that affects our health; it’s what we do on a daily basis.”

She makes raw chocolate eggs filled with frozen banana with her children, but says if someone gives them an egg, “they are not totally off limits.”

She says we need to move away from a deprivation attitude – being fixated on something we want and then feeling guilty for over-indulging. 

“Eat that creme egg, savour it, enjoy it…and make your next meal healthy.

“Make it about more than just the food.” 

















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