1491861676073 - McDonald’s runs out of chicken nuggets mid-promotion

McDonald’s runs out of chicken nuggets mid-promotion

Some McDonald’s stores have run out of their famous chicken nuggets, leaving the fast-food chain unable to honour a new promotion.

The company advertised a 20-pack of the bite-sized nibbles for just $10 but some customers have been turned away due a McNugget shortage.

Petone McDonald’s had a “sold out” sign posted on its menu board on Monday.

And on Sunday, one customer posted on McDonald’s Facebook page saying she had gone to the Petone store to buy the 20-pack of nuggets but was told they were sold out.

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Meanwhile, a customer in Timaru was told the store was unable to sell her the 20-pack for $10 because the promotion had been “too popular” and they might need the nuggets for future customers.

Instead, the store offered to sell the woman two 10-packs for the normal price of $7 each, meaning she was able to buy the same number of nuggets but for the non-promotional price.

“I am still trying to figure out the logic,” the woman wrote on the McDonald’s Facebook page.

On Monday evening, McDonald’s spokeswoman Sarah Fitzpatrick said the current promotion had been “extremely popular” and some Wellington restaurants experienced a “brief shortage of stock”. 

The affected restaurants would receive further stock with their next deliveries, she said.

Later on Monday, McDonald’s spokesman Simon Kenny said head office was not aware of a nugget shortage.

“We’re not aware of any other restaurants currently managing low stocks of chicken McNuggets,” he said.

He then went on to say: “To be clear, there isn’t a shortage of McNuggets, just a few restaurants ran short over the weekend,” Kenny said

The good news for nugget lovers is that McDonald’s restaurants receive daily deliveries and were able to move stock from nearby restaurants, so any shortages should be short-lived.

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