1493708692876 - Maori Party ‘ready to have conversation’ about cannabis decriminalisation

Maori Party ‘ready to have conversation’ about cannabis decriminalisation

The Maori Party has made its strongest statement yet on decriminalisation of cannabis.

“We’re ready to have that conversation,” Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox said on Media Take on Tuesday night.

Fox, a long-time opponent of cannabis law reform, said on the show that her personal view has been shifted by the spread of methamphetamine, which has seen her own family members go to “tinny houses” to try and buy weed and be offered only P.

Although she still believed cannabis poses health and social harms, Fox did not rule out legalised sale in the long term.

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Fox appears to go further than party leader Te Ururoa Flavell, who only last week said the party was “open to a broader discussion” about decriminalisation in the future but slammed The Opportunities Party for “dangling a cannabis carrot” in proposing decriminalisation as policy this year.

The full episode can be watched at Maori Television at 10pm.

Media Take aims to enlighten people about the politics of decision making in the media, and the motivations which can determine why some important issues are ignored or only given a small amount of coverage. Full episodes can be seen on demand on the Maori Television website from 9am Wednesdays.


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