1492128026544 - Manawatu man sent to prison for robbing man near takeaway store

Manawatu man sent to prison for robbing man near takeaway store

A man who lured an unsuspecting victim into a dark lane to be attacked and robbed has been sent to prison. 

Thomas Johnson was sentenced, in the Palmerston North District Court on Thursday, to three years and three months in prison and ordered to pay $124 reparation for his part in the late night attack. 

He had previously admitted to one charge of aggravated robbery, two charges of fraudulent use of a document for using a stolen bank card and one charge of possessing weapons.

Johnson and two associates were at a takeaway store on Main St, Palmerston North, late in the evening on October 19 last year. 

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It was there that the trio hatched a plan to attack another man in the store.

Johnson struck up a conversation with the man, while the others left and hid behind a skip in a nearby alleyway.

Johnson left the takeaway store with the victim, talking with him as they walked down Berrymans Lane.

Then, out of the blackness, the two other attackers stepped out from behind the victim and struck him in the face.

The blow knocked him to the ground, where the offenders continued to kick him and punch him.

Judge Lance Rowe said Johnson did not show remorse for the attack. 

He had even tried to blame the victim of the robbery, stating he had been making gang signs at him.

The victim lost consciousness in the attack and had his wallet was stolen.

Between 1am and 1.30am that night, Johnson then used the victim’s Paywave bank card twice to buy items at a BP petrol station.

The victim suffered injuries to his mouth, lost two teeth and suffered “extreme discomfort” during his recovery, his victim impact statement said.

Rowe said there was a need to protect the public from Johnson as he posed a serious risk at the moment. 




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