1492130068378 - Manawatu criminal back to prison for his part in Butt Bucket robbery

Manawatu criminal back to prison for his part in Butt Bucket robbery

A Manawatu man who was just released from prison will be heading back after being involved in a robbery.

Jonathon Edward James Moore, 25, has admitted to robbing Palmerston North tobacco shop The Butt Bucket in July last year.

He also pleaded guilty to stealing $97.20 petrol from Caltex Fitzherbert and driving while disqualified.

On Thursday, he was sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court to 28 months in prison and disqualified from driving for a further six months.

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Moore had previously pleaded not guilty to the offences.

Defence lawyer Tony Thackery said Moore was pressured into the robbery by the two other people involved, and had a reduced role as the driver of the car.

But Judge Lance Rowe said Moore was essentially the getaway driver. 

His associate went into the shop wearing a balaclava with a knife and demanded money and tobacco off the shop assistant, Rowe said. 

In a statement read out in court, Rowe said the 21-year-old shop assistant working at the time described herself as “terrified”.

“She has a young daughter and all she could think about was she wanted to make it home to her daughter.” 

Moore was on bail at the time of the robbery for an assault with a blunt instrument charge, which factored into his sentencing. 

However, a family member present in court was not impressed with the sentence, calling out how he felt it was unjust. 

Moore appeared at ease with the sentence, saying to family “see you in about 12 months”.

Even at just 25, Moore is no stranger to the Palmerston North District Court. 

Prior to his assault charge in 2015 he was jailed in 2014 to 18 months prison for three charges of dangerous driving causing injury.

Moore was driving a Subaru WRX in Palmerston North doing more than double the 50kmh speed limit, when he passed a bus and crashed into a Mazda, which was completing a U-turn.

The three people in the Mazda were trapped and had to be cut free by firefighters.

All three women suffered injuries and were taken to Palmerston North Hospital. One passenger, Shirley Margaret Greer, 88, died in hospital six weeks later.

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