1491958145221 - Man sent Facebook messages while driving in pursuit of victim, court hears

Man sent Facebook messages while driving in pursuit of victim, court hears

A Taranaki man pursued his ex’s new flame in a car while sending him Facebook messages telling him to pull over at the same time.

On March 17, Hawera man Charlie Rangirakiroa Ngeru contacted the victim using Facebook Messenger, asking about a relationship he had formed with his ex partner.

Over the next 10 days Ngeru continued to contact the victim, attempting to coerce him to meet so they could discuss the issue.

Ngeru’s messaging demeanour became aggressive and intimidating and the victim made it clear he was not interested in meeting with the defendant, police prosecutor Sergeant Steve Hickey said in the Hawera District Court on Tuesday.

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However, on March 29 the victim received messages from the Ngeru saying he would see him soon.

When the victim left his house to go to work, he saw the Ngeru’s work vehicle parked opposite the property.

As the victim drove off, Ngeru followed him at a very close distance, causing him to feel intimidated, Hickey said.

The defendant followed him for eight kilometres and at one point pulled alongside his vehicle and steered towards the the victim in an attempt to push him off the road.

Whilst carrying out these driving manoeuvres, the victim was receiving Facebook messages from Ngeru telling him to pull over.

Scared and intimidated, the victim called the police and Ngeru ceased following him.

Ngeru is on active charges for an assault on his former partner and is subject to a 24-hour curfew unless he is at work, Hickey said.

Ngeru, 28, pleaded guilty to one charge of intimidating and threatening behaviour.

His lawyer Megan Boyd said the relationship between the victim and Ngeru’s former partner had started before his relationship with his ex ended.

Judge Chris Sygrove said Ngeru was very lucky not to be facing more serious charges.

He sentenced him to 80 hours community work and ordered him to make a $300 emotional harm payment to the victim.

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