1493774235688 - Man delays court after vomiting in courthouse cells

Man delays court after vomiting in courthouse cells

A man charged with careless driving after a car smashed into an air force fence has delayed court proceedings after vomiting on himself. 

Daniel Managh, 23, was due to appear at the Blenheim District Court at 9.15am on Wednesday morning after being held in custody overnight.

However, duty solicitor Kent Arnott apologised to the justice of the peace, saying Managh had vomited on himself in the courthouse cells and was “not well”.

The Blenheim man appeared about 30 minutes later, with one arm in a blood-stained bandage.

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Managh was arrested on Tuesday night and charged with careless driving on Middle Renwick Rd, near Blenheim, as well as possession of methamphetamine, cannabis for supply, cannabis seeds, a knife in a public place and a meth pipe.

Police claim Managh fled Base Woodbourne after he crashed into the base’s outer fence. He allegedly threw away methamphetamine, cannabis and cash as he ran away.

Community Constable Russ Smith, of Marlborough, said witnesses alerted police to the crash and a police dog and his handler found the man hiding in the garden of a nearby property.

More charges could be laid, Smith said.

The JP did not have the power to grant bail, and there were no district court judges available, so Managh was remanded in custody to May 8.