1493001315245 - Man admits to attacking McDonald’s drive-through worker with knife

Man admits to attacking McDonald’s drive-through worker with knife

A litterbug who took offence to being told to clean up his trash by a fast-food worker created a new mess with his reaction.

Instead of picking up the rubbish he dumped in a McDonald’s drive-through, Ruamarama Mark Pompey tried to slash the fast-food worker’s arm with a knife.

The McDonald’s employee only avoided serious injury because he saw Pompey pulling the knife from the centre console of his car.

Pompey, 27, initially pleaded guilty to three charges relating to the incident – assault with a knife, unlawful possession of a knife, and possession of a methamphetamine pipe.

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But, in the Palmerston North District Court on Monday, police withdrew the two possession charges.

Pompey drove his car into the McDonland’s Rangitikei restaurant in Palmerston North at 10.45pm on December 27.

While waiting, the store’s manager told him to pick up rubbish he was seen throwing on to the drive-through.

Pompey reacted aggressively, before trying to slash the manager, who dodged the attack.

Pompey left, but was arrested soon after.

Judge Stephanie Edwards kept Pompey in custody until June for sentencing.

She requested pre-sentence reports and for the possibility of restorative justice to be looked into.

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