1492303324462 - Lotto players threaten boycotts, legal action if bugs in new app make them miss a win

Lotto players threaten boycotts, legal action if bugs in new app make them miss a win

Been struggling to win Lotto? You’re not alone – although you may not have thought to blame Lotto’s new-look website and app.

A number of players, however, are threatening to give up playing Lotto unless the Lotteries Commission fixes bugs that have stopped them from buying tickets.

One player went so far as to threaten legal action if issues with the app cost them a win.

Several users posted one-star reviews on Facebook, with Troy Stott going as far as to label the new app “the worst update in the history of the internet”.

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Others said the app repeatedly logged them out, told them they needed to download it again, or would not let them top up their account credit.

Many said it seemed Lotto had done no testing before rolling it out.

Others complained that because the website no longer had animated Lotto draws, it was simply too boring to bear.

The animation was “like a mini Lotto show”, Dawn Wadley wrote, and the new one “does nothing but say [whether] I won or not”.

Nadia Cooper said without the animated draw, “there’s no excitement or anticipation”.

Troy Dando agreed: “Only thing I ever wanted to do was watch the draw online at my own convenience and now you have taken that away.”

One user, Rom Knight, said they’d been charged twice and ended up with tickets with identical numbers, while Matt Cuthill couldn’t log in to buy a ticket at all.

“If my numbers came up last night I will be considering legal action as Lotto’s negligence will have cost me millions,” Cuthill wrote.

Lotto didn’t reply to the complaints on Facebook – prompting further criticism from irate players.

However, a Lotto spokeswoman told Stuff they appreciated the players’ views.

“Customer feedback on the app is really valuable as we look to continually improve the services and functionality we offer our players,” she said.

And there was good news for those suffering through the boredom of merely reading the winning numbers while pining for the animated draw. “We know our players loved the animated draws through MyLotto and the app and we’re looking forward to bringing that feature back to our players soon.”

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