1491864119631 - Look who’s talking: Kody North at CBD Cafe

Look who’s talking: Kody North at CBD Cafe

With his bright and outgoing personality Kody North is a well-known sight at the CBD cafe in Blenheim where he can often be seen singing behind the counter. 

What is it that attracted you to working in the hospitality industry in the first place?

I was attracted to the pressure and intensity of working in hospitality. I also love to interact and build a relationship with the customer, so the industry was perfect for me.

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The cafe is always busy, how do you manage to stay polite and smile when under pressure?

I love the pressure and fast pace. I just tell myself that the customer is here for a great experience, if I’m happy and cheerful then the customer is getting the outstanding treatment that they deserve.

​If the customer walks out happy then I’m happy.

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There’s a saying that the customer is always right. In your experience is that true or do you occasionally wish someone would just disappear and leave you alone?

The customer is usually always right. I mean of course we all know exactly how we like our coffee made, I know I do.

Without a doubt you’ll always have the odd someone who thinks you’re doing it wrong, but that’s fine – we all have our own ideas and I’m here to be as accommodating to the customers as possible.

If someone wants it done their way it’s my pleasure to help. 

Customers have commented on how cheerful you are and that you sometimes sing while you work – do you enjoy your job that much?

I have a happy and energetic personality which tends to show in my work. I love working front of house meeting new people and I just can’t help but sing when I see the joy on their faces after their first sip of coffee.

I also feel happiness is infectious – if I’m happy and cheerful the customers might leave feeling happy and have an awesome day. 

What is your least favourite food? 

My least favourite food would have to be anything instant. Good things take time. Nothing good come fast and the same goes for food.

If you had to create your ideal sandwich, what would be in it? 

I’d start with heavy sour dough bread, add some poached chicken, sliced apple, greek yoghurt and lemon juice.

Slightly unusual and unexpected just to keep my life interesting. Nobody wants to eat a boring sandwich. 

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