1491971906588 - Kiwibank reports skimmers targeting ATMs

Kiwibank reports skimmers targeting ATMs

Kiwibank says it has been affected by a skimming operation moving around the country.

Skimming devices had been placed on ATMs, spokesman Bruce Thompson said.

“The people doing this have been moving around places like Tauranga and Rotorua, placing the devices on ATMs for a few hours and then moving on to other machines. The information gathered is used for cloning cards.

“The police are involved and for security reasons I don’t want to be specific about which areas are being monitored.”

It was reported on Sunday that shoppers in Tauranga had been affected by a skimming operation. A number of banks were targeted and more than $1000 was lost.

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Thompson said skimming was a problem for banks.

“We urge people to look closely at any machine they are about to use and not to insert their card if it looks like something has been stuck on the card entry slot. They should also take care when entering their PIN as in some cases we are aware that the people involved have been standing close by and observed the PIN.”

He said banks’ first priority was to protect their customers.

“That means we have been contacting people known to have used cards at specific machines during the times identified as being at risk.

“This requires the card to be blocked and a replacement organised. If a cloned card has been used, either in New Zealand or internationally, then reimbursements are made and the customers do not lose any money.”

The bank also suffered a 10-minute outage of its ATM machines on Wednesday, which has now been resolved.

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