1492838772175 - ‘Just lucky’ no-one killed when car careened into a Palmerston North Four Square

‘Just lucky’ no-one killed when car careened into a Palmerston North Four Square

An out-of-control car seemed to be heading straight at a Palmerston North store, but veered away at the last second, scraping the wall, surveillance camera footage shows.

“It was freaky, we were really lucky. I’m going to buy some Lotto tickets tonight,” Vanita Ranchhod, who was working at her brother’s Four Square, said.

“I didn’t see it when it happened, I just heard this horrific noise …”

Emergency services were called to the Cloverlea shop, at the corner of Botanical Rd and Tremaine Ave, after the car hit just before 11.10am on Saturday. 

A police spokeswoman said one person involved was taken to Palmerston North Hospital with minor injuries.

According to witness reports, the car came down the hill on Gillispies Line, and crossed through the Tremaine Ave roundabout.  It then swerved on to the footpath outside the Beer Barrel and took out the roundabout sign. 

The car carried the sign right across the road, scraped across the Four Square wall and smashed into a pay phone.

Ranchhod went out to see if she could help, and immediately called the ambulance when she saw an injured woman in the car.

When everything calmed down, she checked the dairy’s security footage. She was shaken to find the car seemed to have been heading straight for the shop entrance, before veering off at the last second.

The Beer Barrel manager Hari Parsad said customers told him what happened in the crash.

“It was just lucky nobody was waiting to cross near the roundabout or just walking past right when it happened.”

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