1493793267073 - Jindarat Prutsiriporn trail: Court hears victim’s last moments of freedom

Jindarat Prutsiriporn trail: Court hears victim’s last moments of freedom

A witness has told how Jindarat Prutsiriporn was dragged from his car while she tried to sell him drugs. 

Prutsiriporn, 50, died when she fell, bound and gagged, from the boot of a moving car in Papatoetoe, south Auckland in 2016.

An underground crime unit is alleged to have helped carry out her kidnapping on February 29, last year.

The Crown alleges defendant Seng Lek Liev was the mastermind behind the kidnapping, who enlisted the help of a Head Hunter’s ‘Ghost Unit’ which helped carry out the crime. 

*’Ghost Unit’ involved in Prutsiriporn kidnapping

Five other men are also on trial for her kidnapping and manslaughter. 

On Wednesday at the High Court at Auckland, crown witness Aenio Khammanivong told the courthe was buying drugs from Prutsiriporn on the evening of February 29 when two large men dragged her from his car. ​

“They grabbed her, put her in the car and that was it, they were gone,” he said. 

Khammanivong had gone to Prutsiriporn’s house with his partner Ly Mounniveth and friend Apichart Korhomklan.  

Khammanivong told the court he was sitting in his car with Mounniveth when Prutsiriporn came out of her house, and sat in the back seat. 

About 30 seconds later, two men approached the car and dragged Prutsiriporn out, he said. 

One of the men threatened Prutsiriporn.

“He was saying if she tries anything he will shoot her. And if she does anything he knows where her family home is,” Khammanivong said. 

Before she was taken, Prutsiriporn asked Khammanivong if the men were “his people”, which he denied. 

The Crown alleges Korhomklan knew the kidnapping was going to take place, and unbeknownst to Khammanivong, used him to lure Prutsiriporn out of her house. 

During the ordeal, Korhomklan was allegedly sitting in his own car on the opposite side of the street. 

The court heard how Prutsiriporn was put into another car, and taken away.

Korhomklan’s lawyer argued on Tuesday his client went to buy drugs off Prutsiriporn, but knew nothing about the kidnapping.

Khammanivong is expected to continue giving evidence on Thursday. 

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