1491966493706 - IRD applies to put two Taranaki businesses into liquidation

IRD applies to put two Taranaki businesses into liquidation

New Zealand’s tax department has applied to put two Taranaki companies into liquidation.

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) have filed proceedings in the High Court at New Plymouth against Little Crate Limited and Salvus Systems Limited after both companies failed to pay GST, PAYE and other employment related taxes.

On February 15, an application was lodged by IRD against Little Crate Limited, which runs a cafe at the Countdown supermarket complex on Hori St in New plymouth.

The IRD said the company owed $45,562.50, with court documents stating the majority of debt related to non-payment of PAYE, but other tax contributions including GST, student loan and Kiwisaver deductions and Kiwisaver contributions had also not been paid.

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The Companies Offices website stated the sole director of Little Crate Limited was Grace McCullough.

A statutory demand was served on Little Crate Limited by IRD on December 2 but no payment had been forthcoming.

The other company facing court action is Salvus Solutions Ltd, which is believed to be a security company. 

The sole director of  the business is Roelf Weideman. 

In the IRD’s statement of claim, which was filed on March 1, it said the company owed $33,396.81. 

Of this total, $20,792.06 related to unpaid GST while $12,604.75 was for outstanding PAYE payments.  

A statutory demand was served on the company on January 23.

The court documents stated no objection or challenge had been made by either company regarding the debt so IRD presumed they were either insolvent or unable to pay.

Both matters will be heard in the High Court at New Plymouth on May 16.

Last August, Jigga Limited, which traded as The Ugly Duck Restaurant and Bar, was put into liquidation by the High Court.

The move was instigated by IRD over a $210,971.38 tax bill, the majority of which related to GST and PAYE obligations. 

Bruce Candy, of Shifty’s Bar and Cafe in Bell Block, had since purchased the premises and renamed it The Fitz Restaurant and Bar.

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