1492056927516 - Insurance figures reveal high cost of Christchurch’s Port Hills fires

Insurance figures reveal high cost of Christchurch’s Port Hills fires

The high cost of two large Christchurch fires is becoming clearer, as nearly $18 million in insurance has been paid out. 

Eleven houses were destroyed in the fire, which burned over 1645 hectares of the Port Hills in February.

Insurance companies have paid out on 175 fire-related claims, with $17,711,240 paid to date, provisional Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) figures reveal.

Commercial material damage or business interruption claims made up $7.3 million of those payments, towards 28 claims. 

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There have been 130 domestic claims made, worth more than $10.2m. The remaining 17 claims made relate to motor vehicles, with $165,489 paid out.

ICNZ chief executive Tim Grafton said events like this “underline the importance insurance plays when disaster strikes”.

Claims are still able to be made in relation to damage or loss caused by the fire. 

Earlier in the week, the Christchurch Adventure Park announced the would refund nearly $1m worth of long-term passes after the relevant insurance cleared. 

The fires are not officially out yet, as some deep-seated hotspots were still being monitored. An eight-week review of firefighting operations is due to start early next month. 

The cost of the firefighting effort is not yet known. 

Staff from the Christchurch City Council and Selwyn District Council are working on two separate but related recovery plans, which are due to be drafted by may. 

The plans are being developed under the direction of recovery managers Murray Sinclair and Al Lawn.

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