1492054499569 - Indian national to be deported after sexual offending against young girls

Indian national to be deported after sexual offending against young girls

An Indian national is set to be deported after being convicted of sex offences against three teenage girls.

Mayank Seth appeared before Judge Garry Barkle in the New Plymouth District Court on Thursday for sentencing on three charges of indecently assaulting three girls aged between 12 and 16.

Barkle said all of Seth’s offending happened in March 2016.

He had arranged to pick up his first victim and her friend, who were both aged 14, from the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre, a public swimming complex in New Plymouth.

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Barkle said Seth drove the girls to his house where he tried to have a discussion about paying his victim for oral sex before placing his hand on her upper thigh.

The girl got frightened and pushed his hand away.

Seth arranged, through Facebook, to pick up his second victim and her friend at Ngamotu Beach after agreeing to pay them $200 to hang out with him.

He plied the girls with alcohol and while walking his victim to the toilets he kept bumping into her and touching her bottom.

“She was feeling creeped out and didn’t want you touching her in that manner,” Barkle said.

Seth offered his third victim, who was aged 15 but had an intellectual disability, a ride home after seeing her upset and crying at a bus stop.

However once she got into his car Seth drove off in the wrong direction and took the girl to his house where he offered her money to show him her breasts before touching her upper leg.

Barkle said Seth had declined to be interviewed for a pre sentence report because he knew he was going to be deported.

Seth pleaded guilty to the charges, which each carry a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment in March, but convictions were not entered.

Barkle entered convictions against Seth and issued a first strike warning during his appearance.

An Immigration officer accompanied the officer in charge of the case, Detective Glenn Olliver, to Seth’s court appearance.

Crown prosecutor Justin Marinovich said Seth should be given notice he would be placed in the child sex offender register while his lawyer Megan Boyd said it wasn’t necessary as he would be deported within a short time and wouldn’t be able to return to New Zealand for at least five years.​

Marinovich had submitted under normal circumstances Seth should be sentenced to imprisonment but taxpayers shouldn’t have to bear the burden so asked for a community based sentence so deportation proceedings could begin immediately.

Boyd, in her submissions, said the offending was at the lower end of the spectrum and had put it down to a cultural misunderstanding.

Barkle disagreed.

“You would have had an awareness that your conduct was intrusive and very upsetting for each of these young girls.”

Barkle said there were a number of aggravating features including the age and vulnerability of the girls, the harm the offending had had on them and the planning Seth had carried out.

He sentenced Seth to 15 months intensive supervision and 200 hours community work on each charge.

Outside of the court Olliver said Seth would be deported within a week and it had been a good result.

“We didn’t have to put them through the court process of giving evidence and there will be no more offending by him because he won’t be in the country.”

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