1492058242501 - How much is that chocolate in the window? A lot.

How much is that chocolate in the window? A lot.

Easter without chocolate would be like a birthday with no cake, or Christmas without Santa, or peas without carrots.

Cute bunnies, golden wrapped chickens, and shiny purple eggs packed in large boxes adorn the shelves of supermarkets just as the discounted Christmas-themed stuff is finally taken down.

But just how much more do we pay for the sugary treats.

Quite a lot, actually.

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The average cost of a Cadbury dairy milk block from New Zealand’s biggest supermarket chains – Countdown, Pak ‘n Save, and New World – was $1.60 per 100g.

But the average price of that same Cadbury chocolate shaped as a bunny rabbit was $3.40 per 100g. That is 53 per cent more to buy a rabbit instead of a rectangle.

Lindt chocolate had a 24 per cent difference between its chocolate blocks ($3.80 per 100g) and its adored gold bunny ($5 per 100g).

A creamy milk Whittaker’s block was $1.90 per 100g, but a Whittaker’s chocolate Kiwi was $7.30 per 100g, 74 per cent more.

All the Easter chocolate compared was on special at the time, meaning when it was at full price, Easter chocolate was nearly double the price, by weight, of a block of the same chocolate .

It would be cheaper, and more fun, to buy an Easter themed chocolate mould from Spotlight, which sell for about $5, melt down a block of Cadbury and make your own shapes.

Wellington Chocolate Factory co-founder Rochelle Harrison designed her own chick and egg moulds to create a limited edition Easter chocolate that costs about $12 per 100g.

The hand made Easter treat is a solid chocolate chick that sits in toasted coconut flakes enclosed in a chocolate egg.

It turns out to be cheaper than the average 85g block of chocolate at the factory, which costs roughly $15 per 100g.

“We have an Easter egg hunt [on Saturday] and we hide easter eggs around the factory and the streets and help other people promote easter hunts around the city as well,” Harrison said.

“Our Easter chocolate is about the same value for money as our other chocolate. Obviously at Easter time there’s more packaging, the boxes are collectable with original artwork on them. It’s a limited run and its a limited edition product.”

The entire process is done by hand except melting and tempering of the chocolate. The factory only made 5000 of the Easter treats and have almost sold out.

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