1492491031337 - Horowhenua mayor pushes to livestream DHB meetings

Horowhenua mayor pushes to livestream DHB meetings

There is a push to bring MidCentral District Health Board meetings into the 21st century, by streaming them online.

It is being lead by board member and Horowhenua mayor Michael Feyen.

Feyen introduced livestreaming of Horowhenua District Council meetings on Facebook when he was elected mayor in 2016.

“I’d really like to see livestreaming of our meetings in here [the DHB].

“They are doing it more and more around the place and I think it adds a lot of value.”

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Feyen said Horowhenua was only a small council, but their livestreams attracted between 1200 and 4000 views a meeting.

“That is pretty incredible.”

Board chairwoman Dot McKinnon was not aware if other DHBs livestreamed, but said it didn’t matter what others did.

“It is food for thought.”

Board member and Palmerston North City councillor Karen Naylor was skeptical.

“The city council looked into it and it looked like it would be quite expensive.”

The Palmerston North City Council shot down the idea in February because it preferred to have an official recording, rather than use Facebook.

It was estimated the council’s preference would cost $100,000 a year.

It would have involved two technicians to run the equipment at every public meeting.

They would have used their own gear, so the council would not have had to invest in any equipment.

Feyen said the costs were a misnomer.

“So far, [in Horowhenua] we are doing it with one iPad and a staff member and it is pretty successful.

“Don’t be put off or fazed by ridiculous quotes, because it does not need to be like that at all.”

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