1493624703568 - Good samaritan bag snatcher declined parole again

Good samaritan bag snatcher declined parole again

A teenager who caused critical head injuries to Good Samaritan Lucy Knight after trying to steal a bag has been denied parole a second time.

Hendrix Hauwai is serving a four year, nine month sentence after the attempted bag grab on Auckland’s North Shore in 2014. 

Knight, a mother of six, attempted to intervene in Hauwai’s attempted robbery of an elderly woman in Northcote but was knocked to the ground, and suffered life-threatening head injuries. 

It caused a public outcry, particularly when Hauwai said he was stealing to buy food, prompting district court Judge Philippa Cunningham to give his parents a public ticking-off. 

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Hauwai, now 20, was declined parole for a second time after a hearing in April.

The Parole Board described Hauwai as having a worrying profile, and said it was “manifestly premature” to release him from jail. 

The report, released on Monday, showed the board still has serious concerns for Hauwai.   

“We think it imperative that he be seen by the psychologist and assessed at some length in order to ensure the programmes which are in his sentence plan are going to be effective for him,” it said, noting Hauwai was “unable to give any rationale for his offending”.  

“It does not appear to have been drug-related and while the motivation for the robberies might be evident enough, the gratuitous violence is difficult to understand and that needs, we think, to be the focus of a probing inquiry by the psychologist.” 

Hauwai will reappear in front of the board in October. 

Knight underwent significant rehabilitation for her injuries. 

Hauwai first became eligible for parole in 2016, at which point Knight’s husband Peter Thomas said they were comfortable with the board’s decision not to release him. 

“We prefer to focus on really getting Lucy completely better,” he said at the time. 

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