1493620459663 - Girlfriend steals bike, gives it away for free

Girlfriend steals bike, gives it away for free

A Blenheim woman who thought her boyfriend was cheating took revenge by stealing his bicycle and putting it on her front lawn with a ‘free’ sign.

Waimaria Katarina Paul, 25, went to her partner’s house about 8pm on April 28, but found he was not home.

She text messaged him and he replied, saying he was out. 

Paul sent him several more messages, which became abusive, saying she would smash his bike, which he had left outside.

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The man did not come home so Paul decided to leave, and took the bike with her.

Paul put the bike on her front lawn with a ‘free’ sign, and someone took the bike. The man reported the theft to police, who managed to find the bike and return it to him.

The theft followed an assault on the man from the week before, both of which Paul admitted at the Blenheim District Court on Monday. 

The summary of facts said Paul was arguing with her partner because she thought he had cheated on her. It was never mentioned in court if the man was cheating or not.

The argument, while driving through Blenheim, became heated and the man stopped the car on Boyce St, got out and walked away in an attempt to calm the situation.

Paul followed him and punched him in the face. The man reported this to police.

Paul’s lawyer Kent Arnott said her three-year on-and-off relationship with the man was over.

“She’s extremely embarrassed to be here,” he said.

She accepted she had anger issues and intended to do an anger management course, Arnott said.

Judge David Ruth convicted the woman on both charges and ordered her to come up if called upon in the next six months.

That meant if she offended in a similar way during that time she would be sentenced for the assault and the theft as well as the new charge, he explained.

If she did not reoffend, she would face no further consequences.

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