1492049828769 - Former Waitara travel agent pleads guilty to fraud

Former Waitara travel agent pleads guilty to fraud

The director of a failed North Taranaki travel company has pleaded guilty to a raft of fraud charges in court.

Nadene Cheree Chapman appeared before Judge Chris Sygrove in the New Plymouth District Court on Thursday facing five charges of using a document to gain pecuniary advantage and one of theft by a person in a special relationship.

Chapman was a director of Waitara Travel which went into liquidation at the end of June 2016 leaving its customers in the dark about where their money had gone and why their holidays had not been booked.

She was later charged with one count of obtaining by deception and had been remanded on bail ever since.

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Defence lawyer Susan Hughes QC said Chapman pleaded guilty to four charges of using a document to gain pecuniary advantage and the one of theft by a person in a special relationship.

A not guilty plea was entered to the remaining charge and a trial was elected.

Hughes said there had been substantial delays due to the Crown being unable to provide disclosure.

There had also been no final agreement reached on the summary of facts relating to Chapman’s offending.

Hughes said it would be quite a complex issue and asked a date be set aside to resolve the issues.

“My client is here and she is ready and willing to attend a restorative justice conference.”

Sygrove set down May 29 to as a nominal date to address the issues, ordered a restorative justice report and pre-sentence report to be prepared for sentencing on August 3.

A case review hearing for the charge Chapman denied was set down for June 22.

Sygrove remanded Chapman on bail but excused her attendance in court on May 29.


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