1493786374606 - Flab-fighting dad loses 40kg for his family

Flab-fighting dad loses 40kg for his family

Jason Bragg knew he was in trouble when he needed his kids’ help to tie his shoelaces.

Tipping the scales at 130 kilograms, the then solo father needed a change.

The Manly resident was just 14 when he lost own father to coronary heart disease, and looking in the mirror, he decided this would not be his fate.

“I looked at my kids and looked in the mirror and said to myself “something’s gotta give”, and it’s not going to be my heart,” Bragg said.

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With his family in mind, Bragg put in the hard work and shed more than 40 kilograms.

The compliments began to roll in, and with them a higher self esteem, motivation and energy levels.

When a workplace fall put him out of his construction job for a year, Bragg decided to turn his newfound passion into a career.

“I decided I could either sit around at home all day and become an expert on the Kardashians while I wait to get back into construction, or use the time wisely,” he said.

Getting himself qualified as a fitness professional, Bragg set up his own business from home with the hope of helping overweight dads regain their lives.

“I struggled with [dad’s death] for a really long time. I can finally use his death to create some good,” he said.

Bragg’s clients tend to be “in a little bit of trouble” with their health, and may not fit into traditional weight loss schemes or gyms.

“Quite often the people getting left behind are the people who really need help,” he said.

Being relatable to clients is important to Bragg, who dresses in a suit show his clients he takes them and their goals seriously.

“People think of personal trainers as someone in fluorescent clothing, a little bit over boisterous, and eating brown rice and tuna out of a Tupperware container,” he said.

Loving what he does, Bragg says his job doesn’t ever feel like work.

“If clients jump on the scales and they’ve lost 0.8 of a kilo in a week, they might smile about it, but man, it gives me goosebumps,” he said.

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