1492054720103 - Ex-Pero business owner swears revenge in success

Ex-Pero business owner swears revenge in success

“Success is the best revenge,” according to high flying house seller Sonia Tafilipepe​ who fell out with real estate magnate Mike Pero.

His legal injunction over her Mike Pero franchise agreement means she cannot work in Christchurch as a real estate salesperson for four months.

“I have two children so I can’t really afford to be out of work but there’s no point in fighting it legally, it just costs too much. I don’t have millions. I’m powerless,” she said. 

Pero was in Tonga and said in a text message he could not discuss the matter.  

READ MORE: * Court rules Mike Pero wrong to give himself pay rise * Real estate agent wants to send Mike Pero to real estate school She said everything went pear shaped in January and February when the relationship with Pero broke down.

He had sought her out to join the Pero chain in 2014 and she quickly proved a hot success, selling more than 80 houses a year compared with the industry average of 24.

In his legal action Pero successfully claimed breaches of Tafilipepe’s franchise agreement which means she is forbidden from selling houses within 25 kilometres of her former Belfast office.

“It pretty well covers most of Christchurch so I’m without a job. There’s enough work out there for everyone. Real estate is my passion, I didn’t want to give up what I was doing.”

The nearest town where she could work was in Amberley where there was less real estate activity. 

“Its fair enough trying to protect a brand and people setting up in competition but stopping people from actually working…

“It was personalities. It said in the injunction it was due to differing views.”

Tafilipepe has become well known at real estate seminars and has written books on real estate.

She planned to get back up to speed as soon as the restraint of trade period was over and hoped to continue some kind of training and mentoring work.

The judgment was issued earlier this week by Justice Cameron Mander on the basis of breaches of the franchise agreement.

Tafilipepe began buying and selling real estate in 2000 in her own right, and in 2010 became a full time franchise operator.

According to one real estate industry web site she has been labelled a “lean mean listing machine” having earned the title 
by the volume of listings she accumulates – the most being 10 in one day.

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