1493765363016 - English football stars having a ball with their luxury cars

English football stars having a ball with their luxury cars

Big money seems to materialise into luxury motors if you play for the Manchester clubs in football’s English Premier League.

A top 10 rich list of EPL players’ cars, released on Wednesday by British vehicle check and valuation service Cap Hpi, reveals a mind-blowing total value of around NZ$10.2 million with Manchester EPL clubs dominating eight of the spots.

“Footballers playing at the highest level often earn ridiculous salaries which most people can only dream of,” said Philip Nothard, a retail and consumer editor with Cap Hpi.

“Players such as England’s all-time top goal-scorer Wayne Rooney who receives £300,000 (NZ$560,000) per week from his club, Manchester United, has amassed a stunning fleet of vehicles over the years including a Bentley Continental GT and Overfinch Range Rover Sport.”

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Others such as Rooney’s Manchester United team-mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic has opted for something a little sportier and owns a Ferrari Enzo and Porsche 918 Spyder in his collection, valued at NZ$930,000 and NZNZ$1.45m respectively.  

However, they are not the only ones with a garage to send any car enthusiast into overdrive. Across town at Manchester City, midfielder Yaya Toure’s expanding collection of six luxury cars is worth a staggering NZ$2.7m whilst his team-mate Raheem Sterling’s Bentley GTX 700-4 is worth an estimated NZ$930,000.

“From the players we’ve analysed, the collective values of all their vehicles is a mind-blowing £5.5m (NZ$10.2m).

“Just imagine the amount we’d be looking at if considering all the players in the Premier League with their cars. It certainly seems that top footballers are not just fiercely competitive against each other when on the pitch – this also extends to what’s parked on their driveways.”

Of top 10 rich list of EPL players – as researched by Goal.com editors – eight of the players are from either Manchester City or Manchester United, with the other from Chelsea.

The top 10 rich list of players’ cars, based on estimated values when new, according to hpi are:

– Paul Pogba (Manchester United)
Mercedes GLS 4×4 NZ$192,000
ABT Audi RS6-R NZ$162,198.00

– Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
Audi Q7 133,000.
Overfinch Range Rover Sport NZ$214,098.
Bentley Continental GT NZ$396,000.
BMW i8 NZ$205,145.

– Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United)
Volvo XC90 NZ$100,000.
Porsche 918 Spyder NZ$1.45 million.
Ferrari Enzo NZ$930,000.

– Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)
Lamborghini Aventador NZ$567,000.

– Yaya Toure (Manchester City)
Rolls Royce Phantom NZ$700,000.
Porsche Carrera NZ$236,000.
Bentley Continental NZ$396,000.
Mercedes Brabus 850 NZ$634,000.
Mercedes G-Class NZ$283,000.
Rolls Royce Wraith NZ$518,000.

– De Gea (Manchester United)
Mercedes GLE NZ$182,000.
Chevrolet Captiva (club sponsors) NZ$41,000.

– Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)
Bentley GTX 700-4 NZ$930,000.
Range Rover Sport NZ$178,000.

– Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)
Mercedes-AMG G 63 NZ$283,000.

– John Terry (Chelsea)
Ferrari Enzo NZ$930,000.
Range Rover Sport NZ$178,000.

– Diego Costa (Chelsea)
Mercedes-AMG GT NZ$279,000.

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